Welcome to the ALL-AIM Alliance of IPAs.
Welcome to the ALL-AIM Alliance of IPAs.

NYS Healthcare Provider Challenges


Information technology and Electronic Health Records were intended to assist us but are proving to be a detriment.  We have resources, including an alliance with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Primary Care Information Project NYC REACH (Regional Electronic Adoption Center for Health). We have strong relations with several EHR vendors as well as PQRS Reporting vendors.  We have our own proprietary Internet based medical software (medCQI.com) that streamlines your ability to report general ICD9 or ICD10 codes instantly, to report your performance measures quickly, and  to organize your practice for population type patient centered care.  Use us to help you. 


For those of you who take care of dual eligible Medicare-Medicaid patients, the next 6 months will be extremely traumatic for both you and your patient roster.  New York State is proceeding with its mandated conversion of these patients into managed care insurance plans called FIDA (Fully Integrated Duals Advantage) plans starting in October 2014.  Both providers and patients are totally unprepared for this conversion. Patients will not be able to go to those Specialists with whom they are familiar; Primary physicians will have to create endless ‘referrals’ that they have never had to deal with before; Ancillary providers with whom patients are familiar (e.g. Dentists, Podiatrists) will not be on those Insurance Plans; transportation services will be confused and delayed.   We are here to reduce the impact of this critical and confusing transition.


As a Healthcare Provider you are facing many challenges.  Many of your peers have given up their practices to Hospitals which then entirely own all the patients in your practice.  This transfer especially benefits specialists who can obtain reimbursement for the same procedures that are twofold to tenfold higher than community-based specialists (a situation we feel borders on criminal).  However, we have seen this transfer of a practice to a Hospital increase the risk for Primary Care Physicians (General physicians, Family physicians, Internists, Geriatricians, Pediatricians, and Gynecologists) who may be discharged at any time from their own practices with minimal cause.  Numerous physicians have reported excessive bureaucratic interferences.  We can help you remain independent.


Reimbursements are falling.  As a rapidly growing alliance of greater than 160 physicians we have the leverage to obtain payment rates similar to those for Hospital-based IPAs.  We can give you comparable enhanced reimbursement contracts, allowing you to remain independent and to flourish.  See our contact info.

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