Welcome to the ALL-AIM Alliance of IPAs.
Welcome to the ALL-AIM Alliance of IPAs.

Who are we?


Welcome to our website, ALL-AIM.net.  We are a new alliance of established IPAs (Independent Practitioner Associations) and Healthcare Providers located in New York State with offices in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk.  ALL-AIM MSO is the administrator for our alliance which was started by COAIM Health IPA and All Medical Care IPA.


We are your peers, trusted friends, and advocates.  We inform and we listen.  ALL-AIM has access to a broad spectrum of favorable insurance contracts.


As an alliance we are helping each other face and manage the rapid changes in healthcare.  By leveraging technology and best medical and management practices for our IPA physicians we are improving efficiency with smarter documentation in less time, striving to provide our physicians with transformative resources.  


What is our mission?


We are obsessed with improving healthcare and being properly recognized for these outcomes.  Our path to healthcare benefits-cost quality outcomes is to maximize a CQI triangle of: systems streamlining, pay incentives and skills retraining.  As experts in real life based clinical management, and outcomes-performance metrics we are proving that our physicians can take better care of their patients with an innovative, more relevant statistics.


Our goal is to re-conceptualize a passive IPA - Independent Practitioner Association into a dynamic Internet – based ‘Integrated Providers Alliance’.  Learn more about our specialized approach, talented staff and the benefits of turning to us. Browse through our website. Join us and profit from our ALL-AIM alliance.  (See contact info.)

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